The Country That Shook and The Gurkha Welfare Trust


I am happy to announce that the charity I am partnering with is The Gurkha Welfare Trust (registered Charity number 1103669).

As I mentioned previously it has been a tough journey to get to this decision, but, having done so much research, it is now one that I am very happy with.

Through the Trust I have chosen to support one school, which I have picked from a range of profiles.

Shree Rastiya Primary School is in Saamari, Nuwakot in the Bagmati area, not far from the epicentre. During the earthquake it sustained serious damage and classes are now taking place under a temporary shelter. 20160313_154434


It is incredible to think that this has been a school for so many children for well over a year now.

The Trust is going to build a school with 8 classrooms and a separate gender toilet block with work due to start this autumn. The school will also receive supplies such as desks, chairs, whiteboards and storage units to ensure it can function smoothly.

It is a huge job which will be built to a high standard, making it earthquake resistant. Features such as separate gender toilets are unusual for the country, but are invaluable in providing much needed privacy, especially for young, vulnerable girls. On top of that a designated, fenced play area is planned which also improves children’s safety.

The total cost for the build is estimated at around £54,666. Each classroom will cost around £6,000 so The Country That Shook has already raised enough to fund one, plus some supplies for the school. The classroom will have a plaque to commemorate TCTS’s support.

However we don’t really want to stop there and there is more money to be raised from sales.

Over the coming weeks I will be giving an idea of what else The Country That Shook’s money can buy if we reach certain goals. I will also be working with The Gurkha Welfare Trust to get the book and the project in front of a much wider audience. Watch this space.

There will also be an insight into The Gurkha Welfare Trust over the next couple of days…

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