Final Kickstarter rewards have been sent!

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I am now back in the UK , after a thirteen month trip in Asia which included the earthquake!

Therefore I have been able to prepare the very last rewards for the Kickstarter campaign.


The original illustrations, which I sent home from South Korea, have been presented with the story about how that particular drawing was created, where I was and any other interesting facts. There are photos too, which give a real sense of the situation.


They are by no means perfect, drawn on second hand paper on trains and in hotel rooms, but they are unique and they tell a story all of their own.

I am so excited to have fulfilled the last promises to some very generous people. I am so grateful for all the support the kickstarter campaign received.

I have more available if you are interested!


The T-shirts have arrived!


Amazingly, the T-shirts have been produced much more quickly than expected and have arrived at the Distribution centre i.e. my parent’s house in Berkshire! They will be sent out tomorrow to the relevant Kickstarter pledgers and are available to buy online now! Visit

They look brilliant; the screen printing is really clear and bold and has kept so much of the detail that I wanted. The organic cotton T-shirts also feel really lovely.

There are already some photos of happy recipients, delivered by hand.



My brother Leo received a T-shirt on return from his cycle from England to Rome, also raising money for Nepal; he’s now up to £793 which is awesome!


It’s amazing that this project is starting to come to life and seeing people enjoying the products makes it even more worthwhile!