New T-shirt available


Our new T-shirt, screen-printed with one of the favourite illustration from the book, is now available to buy online.

They are made on The Isle of Wight by Rapanui, who can trace their cotton from field to factory, which is amazing!

Click here to buy your own!


One Month


The Country That Shook products have been available to purchase for a month now!

Sales have been steadily coming in with great responses both from online customers and sales made in person in the UK. The books have been received very well – we have had so many kind comments about both the illustration style and the story itself.

We have sold well over 150 books so far! Added to the Kickstarter rewards, that total rises to almost 250.

And then, combined with the sales from the screen-printed T-shirt and the A2 Print the total money raised so far is over


I don’t have exact figures because there are a good few people around the country who are selling copies on my behalf everyday. Every penny is being counted and added on!

This is incredible for the first month of sales, but we still have 1000 books to be enjoyed and to raise money for people who still have very very little in Nepal, struggling with their daily lives.
Plus there is this small thing called Christmas on the horizon – do you know anyone who might appreciate it as a present?

If you have any new or different ideas about how to share the project, please do! It really is incredible how people have connected with it and support it… it’s just a case of spreading the word now!


Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 13.32.43
Hoorah!! Next milestone reached! The Country That Shook is now available to purchase WORLDWIDE!

The postage costs are quite high, as expected. BUT if you buy two it costs the same as buying one and to buy more than three it only goes up by another pound or two. The moral of the story is to buy as many as you can; after all they will make fantastic Christmas presents!

front cover 2

International friends, visit the store here and don’t forget that every single penny goes to Nepal. It really will make a difference.

print on wall

The T-shirts have arrived!


Amazingly, the T-shirts have been produced much more quickly than expected and have arrived at the Distribution centre i.e. my parent’s house in Berkshire! They will be sent out tomorrow to the relevant Kickstarter pledgers and are available to buy online now! Visit

They look brilliant; the screen printing is really clear and bold and has kept so much of the detail that I wanted. The organic cotton T-shirts also feel really lovely.

There are already some photos of happy recipients, delivered by hand.



My brother Leo received a T-shirt on return from his cycle from England to Rome, also raising money for Nepal; he’s now up to £793 which is awesome!


It’s amazing that this project is starting to come to life and seeing people enjoying the products makes it even more worthwhile!