As of the 25th April 2017, exactly two years after the quake, I am happy to say that The Country That Shook has raised £11,000!!!

First Kickstarter Rewards Have Been Sent Out

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So… The process of rewarding all of my lovely Kickstarter backers has begun. Everyone entitled to a pdf in their reward package will have received a link to download it.

I’ve received the Kickstarter funds now… It takes a couple of weeks because they have to coordinate the collection of all the funds and verifying the money. But it was all very efficient and transferred as planned so everything has been ordered and is on the way! Very exciting!

I’m in the process of contacting independent book shops who might be able to stock a book without an ISBN and have already had a few very positive responses. If any of you know of a shop that might be interested, please let me know…