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This project would literally not be possible without the support of a lot of people.

And I’d like to let them know how much I appreciate it.

Pete Middleton
My earthquake companion, fellow traveller, camera man, sound man and number one supporter.

My Mum and Dad, and my brother, Leo
My supporters from afar, and the ‘official warehouse’ for the first set of books.

The amazing Kickstarter pledgers
Every pledge has helped make this project a reality and I am grateful to each and every one of you.

Rory Fegan

Yvo Reverend

Naomi Allen

Dan Duncan

Jenny Hennessey

James Washer

Tom Newell

Mike and Gina Maliphant

Natalie Chung

Tim Stayne

Julie Price

Chris Loveder

Nick and Mel

Jan Chapman

Penny Mathias

John Hensley

Rod Gemmell

Henry Leeson

Nariba Gittens

Tiffany Gardiner

Jason Harvey

Wendy Dallimore

Zoe Kyriacou

Chris Mettrick

Isabel Carmona

Sally West

Lindsay Renolds

Sarah Maliphant

Paul Jones

Kelly Geary

Tasha Hewetson

Barbara Spears

Paul Maliphant

Aimee Binstead

Rodney Maliphant

Nick Joy

Barbara Middleton

Leo Maliphant


Ben Maliphant

Karen Harland

Jasper Curry

Judith Hemming-Allen

Kate Middleton

Becky Wilkie


Janet Eldridge

Martin Harris

James Lawrenson


Gill McWhirter

Helen Williams

Micky Connor

Peggy Jurado

Stu Madden

Rachel Simmons

Lydia Wild

Paul Benson

Alex Bishop

Dinah Walters

Rosslyn Barr


Karen Hewson

Joan Blore

Ruth Thomas


Romana Paul

Jon Lamb

Natalia de los Santos

Sandra Teo

Jacky Akam

Francis Bosco

Lynne Burge

Stephen Roberts

Joe Dick

Simon Morris

Will Driscoll

Paul Cooper

Kate Dickin

Victoria Selley

Tracey Sutton

Noelan Brewington-Janssen

Shirwin Hu

Sam Savile

Rebecca Daniels

Eithne Mc Carthy

Wendy Edwards

Sarah Grill

Jo Cunningham

Michelle Dickinson

Darren Foley

Luke Stockdale-Powell

Ayden Rose

Matt Ellis

Lucy Congreve

Melissa Davey

Jonny Cakes and Emma Elliott

Tim Kirby

Martin Bailey

Kate Kuchler

Gregorio Capra

Alen Manning

Julie Bell

Sam Cunningham

Alexander Woo

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